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Tomáš Žoržo Eibl

Tomáš Žoržo Eibl

First name: Tomáš

Surname: Eibl

Nickname: Žoržo

Date of birth: 18/9/1989

Nationality: Czech

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Tomáš Žoržo Eibl

To be a top trial racer doesn´t mean only biking from dawn to dusk. It´s not only about one´s courage and hardworking. You need to consider things because to reach the top you can´t stop being steady and persistent.

A story of my life in a short videospot

Sports achievements of Tomáš Eibl

Biketrial Tomáš Eibl Žoržo

Tomáš Eibl annualy takes part in competitions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


9th place– European Championship

1st  place – Speedtrial show Hradek nad Nisou

2nd place – Gibbon speed trial

3rd place – Championship of the Czech Republic- Brezova near Sokolov

The Czech representative under UCI and BIU federation